Spectra Gymnastics, from my perspective as a global children’s activity center consultant, is one of the most unique, authentic, progressive and effective services available for autistic children and their families. The innovative combination of ABA therapy principles, gymnastics as a skill-building tool, and social play works wonders for the children. I have viewed private, semi-private, and group classes at the Spectra main site in Portland, Oregon on many occasions, and the consistent and high degree of care and focus on the children by these professionals is heart-warming. The owner and founder, Karissa Johnson, has spoken at the national level in both the U.S.A. and Australia, spreading the word about Spectra’s approach. Definitely a 5-star business with 5-star people and a 5-star mission.
— F.S.
We are delighted with the progress Aria has made in the past 1.5 years since she took her very first summer session at Spectra! She has met all of the goals we had for her with your gym: fostering friendships, staying with a group, following along w/ activities, gaining body strength, awareness and control. Aria has made great gains on all of those levels and is thriving much better than we expected in Kindergarten. We are forever grateful for the solid services you provide and your role in Aria’s growth and development!
— R.S.
I have to say that I am so impressed with the facility and your work with these kids. I didn’t know fully what to expect but the experience was so far beyond what I could have imagined or hoped for. I have to admit, not knowing any other special needs parents made me very excited to chat with the other mothers and I ended up doing that for most of my son’s class. What I did see, and made video of, was my son doing a tumble unassisted for the first time in his life. He’s tried after seeing his sister but he’s never mastered one. I cried, not so much because he did it but because of how incredibly proud he was when he popped up. He had the biggest smile and his chest was puffed up and it meant the world to me.
— A.K.
Spectra Gymnastics is absolutely amazing from the first call to them! Then once you arrive they are welcoming to you and your child. My son feels like there is a space for him. Karissa’s passion for all kids is clear and genuine. It’s refreshing to walk through their doors. I can observe the class comfortably and there are plenty of child friendly things to play with for my son while he waits his turn if we arrive a bit early. He loves his coaches AND the idea of going to gymnastics!
— C.R.