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Our Mission:

It is our mission to provide a positive, fun, nurturing and sensory-filled school experience for our learners. We understand the importance of positive school experiences, especially throughout early childhood development. Our inclusive, sensory based learning environment is ideal for children who learn best through movement, sensory integration, small class sizes and structured learning opportunities. We serve children between the ages of 2 - 6 years old. Our qualified teachers support the individual needs of each student by providing structured routines & activities,  smooth transitions and positive behavior supports.

What Our Spectra Sensory PlaySchool Experience Offers

Communication Development

We teach our students effective communication through repetitive language modeling, PECS-Picture Exchange Communication System, Visual Schedules and electronic devices such as Bridge Communication App for students with limited verbal skills. as well as basic American Sign Language such as help, water, more and play for students. Other students will receive support in sustaining conversations with peers, and/or using appropriate dialogue during play activities. We also use basic American Sign Language such as help, water, more and play.

Child Guided Learning Plans

These individualized plans utilize individual preferences to initiate learning, as well as expand each child’s interests through discovery play.

Ex: Child seeks stick-like objects (pencils, Linkin Logs, toy spoons, etc) to engage in stereotypy. Teacher introduces toy kitchen utensils and models stirring and cooking to shape functional play skills.

Facilitated Social Interaction

Guided social interactions that ranges from peer greetings, sharing, & cooperative play, to basic conversation skills. We spend a whole month on manners and kindness!

Emotional Regulation Practice

We teach emotional regulation through the use of toys, stories, worksheets, and social language tools to help children identify and appropriately respond to changes in emotional state. We respond to sensory seeking behavior and help that child with a planned intention.

Centers Time

Our circle time incorporates musical cues, sensory items, and visually stimulating fine motor tasks to keep the children engaged while they learn. We do everything as a team, so children often benefit from the examples of their classmates during our centers and circle times through peer learning techniques.

Staff Members

We a as a team regularly discuss and implement individual & group behavior interventions to help decrease stereotypy, aggression, defiance, and other socially impairing behaviors.


In addition to the daily preschool curriculum, your child will get to participate in gymnastics activities and music & movement time in our sensory enriched gym!

General Ideology:

A relaxed mind is the best kind! Although we use a number of ABA learning methods such as discrete trial training, we strive to maintain a low pressure environment in which the children have opportunities for exploration, self-soothing, and decompression. The most fun way a child can learn is through play and we’ve designed our school with play in mind!

Ex: Calming corner, unstructured breaks, slowly increasing demands over time.

Our curriculum is flexible, designed to accommodate a variety of learners, and includes “review” months to support students in maintaining what they’ve learned and allowing extra time to master new skills.

What to Expect

Each child will be assessed by their teacher during their first two weeks at Spectra. Areas of assessment include social skills, gross and fine motor skills, academic readiness, ability to follow 2-3 step instructions, self-help skills, group participation, and emotional regulation.

When the assessment is complete, parents will receive a copy of the assessment, including short and long term goals to map their child’s progress. 

Families receive monthly emails outlining the classroom lessons and themes with tips on how to continue the learning at home. We strongly encourage parents to get involved!  Take-home tools such as visual schedules and Bridge App instructions will be provided when needed.

Teachers are available for quarterly meetings with parents to discuss their child’s progress, but these are not required and can also be done via email. 

Your child is special to us! Here at Spectra, we celebrate and honor the unique personalities of our students, regardless of challenging behaviors, delays, or medical conditions. 

Our staff are trained and experienced in all of the above. 

We are here to support you and your child through this important developmental journey!

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How to register: To register, follow this link below . To inquire more about our preschool program or to schedule a tour of our facility, give us a call at

503 754 9794 or email us at  karissa@spectrapdx.com

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