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Best Play Place for the Overstimulated

""I recognize the lack of resources, especially in the sports industry, and how much it can benefit kids socially, physically, cognitively," says founder Karissa Johnson, an applied behavioral analysis therapist who opened Spectra three years ago in a nondescript office mall near Washington Square."


Owner Karissa Johnson, Lead Instructor Sydney Hinze and student Draven visited the KGW news studio in December 2017 to be featured on Portland Today and talk about the kinds of programs Spectra offers. Watch the full video below! 


Spectra Gymnastics: Social & Sensory Friendly

"Step, climb, jump and roll! Spectra Gymnastics is the place to be for families affected by Autism and related disorders. We checked out this fabulous program and had to keep from hopping on the trampoline ourselves. Read on for a great resource for sensory and social play." Read what Marianne Walters from the Red Tricicle says about Spectra Gymnastics


"While working with a large population of children with autism, Karissa noticed how much potential there was to reach these children through movement.  Gymnastics offered the sensory input and physical activity their bodies needed to prepare them for learning and allow them to focus.  "


Catering to a spectrum of learners

"Sensory integration play. Fostering friendships. Improving physical and social skills. Tumbling. Play. Inclusion. Fun. Special needs gymnastics for athletes of all ages and support for families." Click below to read the full article!


The diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder is on an upward trend, at least in part due to a broadening of the definition, to the point that at least one in 68 children is being diagnosed. Also growing is the interest in therapeutic and recreational programs for people with autism, who make up about 90 percent of Johnson’s clients. (She also serves a small number of kids with Down syndrome, epilepsy and other disorders.)