The educational theme of this camp is to teach children how to engage in positive self-talk and increase self-confidence through structured gymnastics, obstacle courses, and facilitated games. Campers will be taught strategies for connecting their minds with their bodies to increase physical and social awareness and self-confidence. Through empowering, playful activities, students will find pride in accomplishing new skills!

Monday-Friday // 9am-12pm // $300 per week

August 14-18 (Ages 6+)

August 28-September 1 (Ages 6+)


The educational theme of this camp is body awareness in space and self-regulation. This camp is highly structured and designed for kids with active minds and bodies. Students will learn about their different emotional experiences and will learn specific strategies to help regulate them at camp. Children will have fun using sensory tables, trampolines, climbing structures, balance beams, obstacle course and roller slide for an enriching sensory experience!

Monday-Friday // 9am-12pm // $300 per week

June 26 - June 30 (Ages 6+)

July 31 - August 4 (Ages 3-5)

The educational theme for this group will be to learn about friendship connections, interactions, and relationship development. Students will be taught playful conversational games, teamwork activities and group obstacle courses with the goal of achieving greater comfort and joy among fellow campers!

Monday-Friday // 9am-12pm // $300 per week

August 7 - August 11 (Ages 4+)

August 21 - August 25 (Ages 4+)



If you are interested in camps but are unable to commit to a full week, this the camp for you! Children ages 5+ will enjoy structured and unstructured playtime in the gym, snack, and arts and crafts. Choose any day or combination of days that work with your summer schedule.

Monday-Friday // 9am-12pm// $45 per day

July 10 - 14 (Ages 5+)

July 17 - 21 (Ages 5+)