Spectra Gymnastics strives to create a nurturing environment for a spectrum of learners. Spectra is the only exclusively special needs gymnastics program in Oregon, and is carefully designed to support children and teens with Autism and related disorders. Through gymnastics our students develop emotional self-awareness, gain executive functioning skills and practice social communication. It is our mission to build strength and inner confidence to foster happy, empowered kids!

Our highly trained staff incorporates a variety of positive reinforcement strategies to help grow gross and fine motor development. We use a behavioral approach to teaching to develop our students' social
and emotional communication
skills on all levels.


Our goal is to create an inclusive, safe, and encouraging environment for all learners to feel personally successful. We emphasize our students' "proud moments" and believe firmly in the power of learning through movement and play!

We use the gym environment to facilitate positive social interactions. Through group classes, we provide our students with a supported environment to practice social communication and gain confidence among peers.